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Easy + Healthy Homemade Dog Food Recipe

Our first cooking video! We’re soo excited to share this with you guys. If you follow  @WTFrenchie on Instagram, you’ve probably seen me cooking their food in their IG Stories. I get so many comments asking for the recipe and what’s in it. I’ve posted my first dog food recipe here but this one’s a cinch because it uses frozen veggies. And my friend Abby, owner of Brentwood Barks, (and our friend roséjoined me so it was even easier and so much fun!


6 lb protein
3 cans (16 oz) kidney beans
3 cans (16 oz) black beans
4-5 bags of frozen vegetables (peas, green beans, spinach, carrot/cauliflower)
3 tbsp canola/olive oil
3 tbsp coconut oil
Any supplement/vitamin you like (I’ve used crushed up calcium powder, a probiotic supplement for dogs and a joint supplement for dogs–I’m considering turmeric next)

  1. Cook the meat with 3 tbsp canola or olive oil and drain the excess fat.
  2. In a large bowl, mix the meat, beans (rinsed), vegetables (make sure to thaw a bit), 3 tbsp coconut oil and supplement.
  3. Spoon into ziplock bags and freeze until ready to use. That’s it!

In our video, we go into more detail about portion size, how much it usually makes, price and more!


We’ll be making more of these videos so feel free to leave any questions or requests in the comments below–enjoy!


Disclaimer: use your own judgement and of course, speak to your veterinarian if you have questions/concerns.

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